Financing contraceptive supplies in developing countries: Summary of issues, options, and experience (Meeting the challenge : securing contraceptive supplies)


Published by Interim Working Group on Reproductive Health Commodity Security .
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  • Birth control,
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  • Developing countries,
  • Economic aspects,
  • Finance,
  • Supply and demand

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    About the Book

    "Financing Contraceptive Supplies in Developing Countries: Summary of Issues, Options, and Experience" is a comprehensive resource written by Catherine Fort and published in 2001. This book delves into the economic aspects and challenges surrounding the availability and affordability of contraceptive supplies in developing countries.

    Key Subjects Covered

    The book covers several essential subjects related to contraceptive supplies in developing countries, including birth control, contraceptives, economic aspects, finance, and supply and demand. It offers valuable insights into the complexities of financing and ensuring the availability of necessary contraceptive resources for populations in need.

    Physical Format and Availability

    "Financing Contraceptive Supplies in Developing Countries" is available in an unknown binding format. While the specific availability of the book may vary, readers can explore various online platforms, libraries, or bookstores to find and access the information contained within its pages.

    Download and Read Options

    The book can be downloaded in digital formats such as PDF, ePub, MOBI, and TXT. It provides an opportunity for readers to access the content conveniently on their preferred devices. By downloading the book, readers can gain in-depth knowledge of the issues, options, and experiences related to financing contraceptive supplies in developing countries.

    Importance of the Book

    "Financing Contraceptive Supplies in Developing Countries" is an essential resource for policymakers, healthcare professionals, researchers, and individuals interested in reproductive health and international development. It sheds light on the challenges faced in ensuring the availability of contraceptive supplies, presents viable options for financing, and shares experiences from stakeholders involved in addressing this critical issue.

    Contribution to the Field

    Catherine Fort's book contributes significantly to the existing body of knowledge on contraceptive supply financing in developing countries. It serves as a guide for decision-makers, organizations, and researchers aiming to improve reproductive health services and promote sustainable development by addressing the economic aspects of contraceptive availability.


    "Financing Contraceptive Supplies in Developing Countries: Summary of Issues, Options, and Experience" by Catherine Fort provides a comprehensive analysis of the economic aspects and challenges tied to the availability of contraceptives in developing countries. With its valuable insights and research-based information, the book serves as a crucial resource for anyone seeking to understand and address the issues surrounding contraceptive supply financing.