Rebels, pretenders & imposters


Published by British Museum in London .
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  • Impostors and imposture -- History,
  • Pretenders to the throne -- History

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    Includes bibliographical references and index.

    StatementClive Cheesman and Jonathan Williams.
    ContributionsWilliams, Jonathan, Dr.
    LC ClassificationsD107.6 .C44 2000b
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    Pagination192 p. :
    Number of Pages192
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    Open LibraryOL22341476M
    ISBN 100714108995

    Are you fascinated by stories of identity deception and intriguing historical characters? Look no further than "Rebels, Pretenders & Imposters" by Clive Cheesman. This captivating book delves into the world of impostors and pretenders to the throne, shedding light on their audacious attempts to claim positions of power and influence throughout history.

    Overview of Rebels, Pretenders & Imposters

    In "Rebels, Pretenders & Imposters," Clive Cheesman explores various cases of identity fraud that have occurred throughout history. This meticulously researched book offers readers a unique perspective on the motivations and tactics employed by individuals who sought to deceive others.

    Subjects Covered

    "Rebels, Pretenders & Imposters" delves into two main subjects: impostors and imposture in history, and pretenders to the throne. By examining these subjects, the book uncovers the fascinating stories behind individuals who posed as someone they were not, whether for personal gain or to claim a throne that was not rightfully theirs.

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    Whether you prefer to read on a portable e-book reader or on your computer, "Rebels, Pretenders & Imposters" has you covered. The book can be downloaded in PDF, ePub, MOBI, or TXT formats, allowing you to customize your reading experience to suit your preferences.

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    If you're looking to read "Rebels, Pretenders & Imposters" for free, there are various online platforms that offer this book as a free download in PDF, ePub, MOBI, or TXT format. Take advantage of these offers and embark on an exciting journey through history without spending a dime.

    Published in enk

    "Rebels, Pretenders & Imposters" was published in enk, which stands for England. By exploring historical events and figures specific to England, the book offers valuable insights into the country's rich history of impostors and pretenders to the throne.

    In Conclusion

    "Rebels, Pretenders & Imposters" by Clive Cheesman is a captivating and meticulously researched book that uncovers the secrets and stories of impostors and pretenders throughout history. With its availability in various formats and the option to download for free, this book offers a fascinating journey into the world of identity deception. Embark on this historical adventure and uncover the audacious individuals who dared to masquerade as someone they were not.