The Seven Storey Mountain


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    ContributionsSidney Lanier (Narrator)
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    Discover the Spiritual Journey of Thomas Merton in 'The Seven Storey Mountain'

    If you are searching for a profound and captivating spiritual autobiography, 'The Seven Storey Mountain' by Thomas Merton is a must-read. Published on July 1, 2006, this book provides readers with a unique glimpse into Merton's personal journey of self-discovery, faith, and contemplation. As an SEO copywriter for a legal book download website, allow me to introduce you to the remarkable story of Thomas Merton and his influential work.

    The Story Unveiled

    'The Seven Storey Mountain' delves into the life of Thomas Merton, a prominent 20th-century Catholic writer, theologian, and mystic. Merton recounts his transformation from a restless young man to a devoted Trappist monk living in the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky. The book takes its title from the idea of the 'seven-storey mountain,' which symbolizes the spiritual journey that each individual must undertake to achieve enlightenment and inner peace.

    Subjects and Themes

    Merton's autobiography touches upon several subjects and themes, making it a multidimensional and thought-provoking read. The book falls under the genres of religious literature, biography, and autobiography. Some of the prominent subjects and themes explored in 'The Seven Storey Mountain' include:

    • Christianity and Catholicism
    • Inspiration and motivation
    • Church life and Roman Catholicism
    • Religious orientation
    • Merton's personal struggles and triumphs
    • Merton's spiritual transformation

    These diverse elements make 'The Seven Storey Mountain' appealing to readers interested in religion, spirituality, and personal growth.

    Format and Availability

    'The Seven Storey Mountain' is available in various formats, allowing readers to choose their preferred method of engagement:

    • Physical format: Audio CD
    • ISBN10 codes: 1597771147
    • Accessible as an abridged audiobook

    Whether you enjoy listening to Merton's story or prefer the traditional reading experience, you have options to suit your preference.

    Why Choose 'The Seven Storey Mountain'?

    So, why should you download or read 'The Seven Storey Mountain'? Here are a few compelling reasons:

    1. Personal Transformation: Follow Merton's journey from a troubled youth to a devout spiritual seeker, inspiring you to embark on your own path of self-discovery.
    2. Inspiration: Discover how Merton's experiences deepen his understanding of faith, leading to insights and lessons that resonate with readers of any religious background.
    3. Engaging Storytelling: Merton's writing style combines introspection, narrative skill, and philosophical reflections, creating a captivating narrative that keeps you turning pages.
    4. Universal Relevance: While 'The Seven Storey Mountain' contains strong religious undertones, Merton's profound insights on life, purpose, and meaning resonate with readers of any belief system.
    5. Legacy of Thomas Merton: As an influential figure in the fields of spirituality and contemplation, Merton's life and writings continue to inspire and provoke conversations about faith and the human condition.

    Download, Read, and Experience 'The Seven Storey Mountain'

    'The Seven Storey Mountain' by Thomas Merton offers readers a chance to delve into the depths of one man's spiritual quest. Whether you download the book in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, or TXT format, or choose to read it online, this powerful autobiography promises to enlighten, inspire, and transform.

    Download 'The Seven Storey Mountain' for free on our legal book download website and embark on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and faith.