Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents

A Practical Course in Technical Translation (Translators Self-Training) by Morry Sofer

Published by Schreiber Publishing, Inc. .
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    Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents by Morry Sofer

    If you're an aspiring translator looking to enhance your skills in technical translation, then "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents" by Morry Sofer is a book you should consider adding to your collection. Published on October 25, 2005, this book offers a practical course in technical translation, specifically focusing on Japanese patents. Whether you are a professional translator or a student studying translation and interpretation, this book provides valuable knowledge and guidance.

    Subtitle: A Practical Course in Technical Translation (Translators Self-Training)

    As the subtitle suggests, "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents" is part of the Translators Self-Training series. This particular book focuses on technical translation and provides a comprehensive course specifically tailored for translators interested in Japanese patents.

    ISBN10 Code: 0884003051

    The ISBN10 code for "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents" is 0884003051. This code is useful for identifying and searching for the book in online platforms, bookstores, and libraries. It ensures you can easily locate and obtain a copy of this valuable resource.

    Subjects Covered

    The book covers various subjects related to translating and interpreting, including:

    • Translating & Interpreting
    • Translation And Interpretation
    • Foreign Language Study
    • Foreign Language - Dictionaries / Phrase Books
    • Language, Italian
    • Education / General
    • Japanese
    • Japan
    • Japanese Language
    • Patents
    • Technical Japanese
    • Translating
    • Translating into English

    With such a diverse range of subjects, this book offers a comprehensive approach to technical translation and provides invaluable insights into translating patents from Japanese to English.

    Physical Format: Paperback

    The physical format of "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents" is a paperback. This makes it easy to carry and read, whether you're studying at home, in a library, or on the go. The paperback format ensures durability and portability, allowing you to access the book whenever you need it.

    Why You Should Read "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents"

    Achieve Professional Growth

    By reading "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents," you can take significant steps toward achieving professional growth as a translator. The book offers a practical course that equips you with essential skills and knowledge specifically for translating Japanese patents. As the field of technical translation continues to grow, this book can help you stay ahead and excel in your career.

    Master Technical Japanese

    Fluency in technical Japanese is crucial for accurate and effective translation. With "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents," you can dive deep into the intricacies of technical Japanese language and terminology. The book provides exercises and examples that will enhance your understanding and proficiency in translating technical content from Japanese to English.

    Specialize in Patent Translation

    Translating patents requires specialized skills and knowledge. "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents" focuses specifically on this area, empowering you to handle patent translation projects with confidence and accuracy. Become a sought-after professional in the field with the expertise gained from this book.

    Expand Your Translation Resources

    Building a comprehensive library of translation resources is vital for every translator. "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents" adds value to your collection by providing a well-rounded course in technical translation. With this book, you'll have a go-to resource for all your Japanese patent translation needs.

    Download "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents" in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, or TXT Formats

    If you're eager to dive into "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents," you have multiple options to access the book. It is available for download in various formats:

    • PDF
    • EPUB
    • MOBI
    • TXT

    Choose the format that suits your reading preferences and devices. This flexibility ensures you can read "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents" on your preferred platform, whether it's a computer, e-reader, or smartphone.

    It's worth noting that downloading copyrighted material without proper authorization is illegal. Ensure you obtain "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents" from reputable sources or purchase your own copy for personal use.


    "Translator Self-Training--Japanese Patents" by Morry Sofer is a valuable resource for translators seeking to enhance their technical translation skills, specifically in the field of Japanese patents. With its practical approach, comprehensive subjects, and availability in multiple formats, this book offers an excellent opportunity for professional growth and specialization. Consider adding it to your library and take your translation career to new heights.