Murder with grace

a play in three acts by Leon Kaye

Published by Eldridge Pub. Co. in Venice, FL .
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Edition Notes

Statementby Leon Kaye.
LC ClassificationsMLCS 2008/43280 (P)
The Physical Object
Pagination80 p. ;
Number of Pages80
ID Numbers
Open LibraryOL16921700M
LC Control Number2006491434

Murder with Grace by Leon Kaye is a captivating play in three acts that was published in 2001. The play explores the themes of grace and murder, providing a thought-provoking and gripping narrative.


In this play, Leon Kaye skillfully weaves together a complex story of murder and grace. Set in the fictional country of Flu, the play follows the journey of the protagonist as they navigate the dark underbelly of society. Through powerful dialogue and compelling characters, Kaye invites readers to contemplate the nature of grace in the face of murder.

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Table of Contents

For a comprehensive overview of the play, here is the table of contents:

  1. Act 1: The Night Begins
  2. Act 2: Secrets Unraveled
  3. Act 3: The Resolution

Act 1: The Night Begins

In the first act of Murder with Grace, the stage is set for the unfolding events. Readers are introduced to the central characters, their relationships, and the initial inciting incident that propels the narrative forward.

Act 2: Secrets Unraveled

Act 2 dives deeper into the mystery surrounding the murder, as secrets begin to unravel. Tensions rise, and the characters are forced to confront their past actions and motivations. The plot thickens, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

Act 3: The Resolution

The third and final act brings the play to its climactic conclusion. With the truth revealed, the characters face the consequences of their actions. Kaye masterfully ties up loose ends and leaves readers with a satisfying resolution.


Murder with Grace is a must-read for fans of captivating dramas. Leon Kaye's skillful writing and thought-provoking exploration of grace and murder make it a compelling play that stays with readers long after the final act. Whether you choose to download it in various formats or read it online, Murder with Grace offers an engaging experience that will leave you pondering its themes.