Mungo; Or The Little Traveler

To Which Is Annexed The Seven Wonders Of The World by Mary Mister

Published by Kessinger Publishing, LLC .
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The Physical Object
Number of Pages180
ID Numbers
Open LibraryOL10583959M
ISBN 100548407762
ISBN 109780548407769

Download Mungo; Or The Little Traveler by Mary Mister: A Classic Adventure Novel

Are you a fan of classic adventure novels? Look no further than "Mungo; Or The Little Traveler" by Mary Mister. This timeless tale, first published on August 29, 2007, takes readers on an exciting journey around the globe. In this article, we'll explore the highlights of "Mungo; Or The Little Traveler" and provide information on how to download and read the book in various formats.

Overview of "Mungo; Or The Little Traveler"

"Mungo; Or The Little Traveler" is a captivating adventure novel that follows the incredible journey of a young boy named Mungo. The book, written by Mary Mister, transports readers to different corners of the world as Mungo encounters various cultures, landmarks, and extraordinary wonders. To enhance the reading experience, the book also includes an annexed section on the Seven Wonders of the World.

Formats Available for Download

"Mungo; Or The Little Traveler" is available for download in multiple formats, ensuring accessibility for all readers. Whether you prefer to read on your computer, tablet, e-reader, or smartphone, you'll find a compatible format. The following formats are available:

  • Paperback (ISBN-10: 0548407762): Physical copy for those who enjoy holding a book in their hands.
  • PDF: Perfect for reading on a computer or tablet, with a layout that closely resembles the printed book.
  • ePub: Compatible with most e-readers, offering a customizable reading experience.
  • Mobi: Specifically designed for Kindle devices, allowing for seamless reading.
  • TXT: Ideal for those who prefer a basic text format.

To download "Mungo; Or The Little Traveler" in your preferred format, simply visit our legal book download website and browse our collection of classic adventure novels. You'll find "Mungo; Or The Little Traveler" listed along with other captivating reads. Choose your desired format and initiate the download process. Depending on the format, you may need specific software or apps to read the book comfortably.

Free Download and Online Reading

If you're looking to download "Mungo; Or The Little Traveler" for free, you're in luck! Our website offers free downloads of legally available books, including "Mungo; Or The Little Traveler." Simply follow the instructions mentioned earlier to choose your format and initiate the free download.

In addition to free downloads, we also provide an option to read "Mungo; Or The Little Traveler" online for free. This feature is particularly convenient for readers who prefer to read directly on their devices without downloading files. Simply select the online reading option, and start enjoying the adventure of Mungo's travels right away.

"Mungo; Or The Little Traveler" takes readers on a whirlwind adventure, weaving together captivating storytelling, cultural exploration, and a touch of mystery. Mary Mister's vivid descriptions and engaging narrative make this book a must-read for adventure enthusiasts of all ages.


Don't miss the opportunity to experience the enchantment of "Mungo; Or The Little Traveler" by Mary Mister. Whether you choose to download the book in your preferred format, read it online, or hold a physical copy in your hands, Mungo's incredible journey is sure to captivate you. Embark on this classic adventure today and discover the wonders of the world through Mungo's eyes.