Power shift

on the new global order by Falk, Richard A.

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    Includes bibliographical references (pages 263-283) and index.

    StatementRichard Falk
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    Power Shift by Falk, Richard A.: A Comprehensive Guide on the New Global Order

    Are you looking for a thought-provoking book that provides insights into the new global order? Power Shift by Richard A. Falk is a highly recommended read that delves into the intricacies of geopolitics and international law. Published in 2016, this book is a must-have for individuals who want to comprehend the power dynamics shaping our world today.

    The Book: Power Shift by Falk, Richard A.

    Power Shift: On the New Global Order, written by Richard A. Falk, presents a captivating examination of the shifting global landscape. As an esteemed scholar and professor emeritus of international law and international relations, Falk brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

    The book sheds light on the implications of power shifts on a global scale and how they impact geopolitics and international law. By analyzing key global events and trends, Falk provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the forces driving changes in the world order.

    About the Author: Richard A. Falk

    Richard A. Falk is a distinguished academic known for his expertise in international law and international relations. He has authored numerous books and scholarly articles, making significant contributions to the field.

    As a professor emeritus of international law and practice, Falk has dedicated his career to advancing our understanding of global politics and the complex dynamics that shape our world. Power Shift is yet another testament to his remarkable knowledge and insights.

    The New Global Order: Insights Revealed in Power Shift

    Power Shift explores the emerging trends and power dynamics that dictate the new global order. By analyzing geopolitical shifts and their legal implications, Falk enables readers to grasp the challenges and opportunities presented by these transformations. The book covers a range of subjects, including geopolitics and international law.


    One of the central themes of Power Shift is geopolitics. Falk examines how international power is distributed and how it impacts global relations. By understanding the complex interplay of political, economic, and military factors, readers will gain crucial insights into the ever-changing landscape of global power.

    International Law

    Another important aspect covered in Power Shift is international law. Falk explores how shifts in power affect the development and enforcement of international legal norms. This section of the book provides readers with a deep understanding of how power dynamics shape the international legal framework.

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    Power Shift by Richard A. Falk is a remarkable book that provides valuable insights into the new global order. Geopolitics and international law are intricately explored, giving readers a comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping our world today.

    Whether you choose to download the book, read it online, or access it in other formats, Power Shift is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of the new global order.