Teachers and the State

International Perspectives (Routledge Studies in Education) by Mike Bottery

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  • Teacher training,
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  • Education And The State,
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  • Teaching Methods & Materials - General,
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  • Cross-cultural studies,
  • Education and state,
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    If you are interested in exploring the relationship between teachers and the state, "Teachers and the State: International Perspectives" by Mike Bottery is a must-read book. Published on June 20, 2000, this book offers valuable insights into the philosophy of education, teacher training, teaching skills and techniques, and the role of the state in education. It is a part of the Routledge Studies in Education series and provides a comprehensive analysis of the topic.

    Overview of the Book

    In this book, Mike Bottery takes a cross-cultural approach to examine the dynamic interaction between teachers and the state. By exploring case studies from various countries, including the United Kingdom and Great Britain, Bottery sheds light on the diverse practices, policies, and ideologies that shape education systems around the world.

    Through critical analysis, Bottery aims to foster a better understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by teachers in different socio-political contexts. The book addresses important issues such as the training of teachers, the influence of the state on education, and the impact of cross-cultural factors on teaching methods and materials.

    Key Subjects Covered

    The book covers a wide range of subjects related to the role of teachers and the state in education. Some of the key subjects explored in "Teachers and the State" include:

    1. Philosophy of education
    2. Teacher training
    3. Teaching skills and techniques
    4. Education and the state
    5. Cross-cultural studies
    6. Education and state in Great Britain
    7. Training of teachers

    Physical Format and Availability

    The physical format of "Teachers and the State" is a library binding, making it a durable option for academic use. The book is available in various formats, including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and TXT, allowing readers to choose their preferred reading method.

    To download a free copy of "Teachers and the State" in PDF format, simply visit our website and follow the instructions. Additionally, you can read the book online for free if you prefer not to download it.


    With its international perspectives and comprehensive analysis, "Teachers and the State" by Mike Bottery offers a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the relationship between teachers and the state. Whether you are a student, educator, or researcher, this book provides valuable insights into the philosophy, training, and cross-cultural aspects of teaching. Download or read the book now to broaden your knowledge in the field of education and the state.