Enforcing the minimum wage

the experience of workers and employers : a research report for the Low Pay Commission by Richard Croucher

Published by University of Greenwich Business School in London .
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At foot of cover: Cranfield University Managment School and University of Greenwich Business School.

StatementDr Richard Croucher and Professor Geoff White.
ContributionsWhite, Geoff., University of Greenwich. Business School., Cranfield School of Management., Low Pay Commission.
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Open LibraryOL16354035M
ISBN 101861662122

About the Book

"Enforcing the minimum wage" by Richard Croucher is a comprehensive research report published in 2004 for the Low Pay Commission. This book provides valuable insights into the implementation and impact of the minimum wage on both workers and employers. With its detailed analysis and findings, it serves as a crucial resource for anyone seeking to understand and navigate the complex dynamics of minimum wage enforcement.

The Experience of Workers and Employers

One of the key strengths of "Enforcing the minimum wage" is its focus on the experiences of both workers and employers. Through extensive research and interviews, Croucher sheds light on the real-world impacts of the minimum wage, exploring its effects on wages, working conditions, and overall job satisfaction.

The book delves into the challenges faced by low-paid workers, highlighting instances where non-compliance with minimum wage laws occurs and the implications of such violations. It also explores the perspectives of employers, examining the factors that lead to compliance or non-compliance with the minimum wage legislation.

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Evidence-Based Insights

"Enforcing the minimum wage" provides evidence-based insights that are invaluable for policymakers, researchers, and anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of minimum wage enforcement. Croucher's research helps identify areas of success and challenges faced by policymakers, shedding light on potential improvements and implications for future policy decisions.

The Impact on Workers

The book presents compelling evidence on how the enforcement of the minimum wage positively affects workers. By ensuring fair compensation, the minimum wage helps improve the economic well-being of low-paid workers, reducing income inequality and poverty levels.

Compliance Challenges for Employers

While the book acknowledges the benefits of the minimum wage for workers, it also recognizes the challenges faced by employers in complying with the legislation. Croucher's research examines the factors that contribute to non-compliance, such as financial constraints and potential negative effects on employment levels.


"Enforcing the minimum wage" by Richard Croucher is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the enforcement and impact of the minimum wage. With its comprehensive research, insightful analysis, and evidence-based insights, this book serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, workers, and employers alike.