Amending the Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act to revise and extend that act

report (to accompany S. 702) by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Indian Affairs (1993- )

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    SeriesReport / 108th Congress, 2d session, Senate -- 108-405
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    The Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act has been a significant piece of legislation concerning the legal status, laws, and healthcare of the Hawaiians. This SEO article focuses on the report accompanying S. 702, which aimed to revise and extend the Act. This article provides valuable insights into the amendments proposed and their potential impact on the Native Hawaiian community's health and well-being. Read on to learn more about this important legislation.


    The Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act addresses the legal status, laws, and healthcare needs of the Hawaiian people. This revised edition, accompanied by report S. 702, aims to extend and amend the existing Act to provide better healthcare financing, government relations, and improved overall well-being for the Native Hawaiian population.

    Amendments Proposed

    The proposed amendments to the Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act cover various critical areas, including:

    • Enhancing healthcare financing options for Hawaiians
    • Improving medical care accessibility and affordability
    • Strengthening government relations to better address the needs of Hawaiians
    • Promoting health and hygiene practices within the Hawaiian community

    Enhanced Healthcare Financing

    The amendments suggest exploring innovative healthcare financing options to ensure better access to medical care for Native Hawaiians. This includes allocating funds for improved healthcare facilities and resources tailored specifically to the Hawaiian community's needs. Download the full report to gain in-depth knowledge of the proposed changes in healthcare financing and how they aim to benefit the Hawaiians.

    Improved Medical Care Accessibility

    One of the main objectives of the proposed amendments is to enhance medical care accessibility for Hawaiians. Through innovative approaches and targeted initiatives, the Act aims to address any existing disparities and ensure equal access to quality healthcare services. Whether you prefer reading online or downloading materials for offline access, this revised Act advocates for improved accessibility for all Native Hawaiians.

    Strengthened Government Relations

    The amendments proposed in the report also emphasize the importance of strong government relations for better addressing the needs of the Hawaiian population. By fostering collaborative efforts between the government and the community, the Act intends to establish effective channels for communication, policy-making, and implementation of healthcare initiatives. Download the report to understand how these strengthened government relations can positively impact the healthcare system.

    Promotion of Health and Hygiene Practices

    Recognizing the significance of health and hygiene practices in preventing illness and promoting overall well-being, the amendments include provisions aimed at promoting such practices within the Hawaiian community. The Act emphasizes educating and empowering individuals about healthy living and highlights the importance of preventive care. Download the report to explore the comprehensive measures outlined in this regard.


    The proposed amendments to the Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act presented in the accompanying report seek to bring positive changes to the legal status, laws, and healthcare of the Hawaiian population. These amendments aim to enhance healthcare financing, improve medical care accessibility, strengthen government relations, and promote health and hygiene practices. Download the full report to gain a comprehensive understanding of the amendments and their potential impact on the well-being of the Native Hawaiian community.