Civilizing Natures

Race, Resources, and Modernity in Colonial South India by Kavita Philip

Published by Rutgers University Press .
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  • Asia - India,
  • 19th century,
  • Social aspects

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    "Civilizing Natures" by Kavita Philip is a thought-provoking book that explores the intersection of race, resources, and modernity in colonial South India. Published on December 1, 2003, this book sheds light on the social aspects and environmental science of 19th-century India.

    About the Book

    In "Civilizing Natures," Kavita Philip delves into the colonial history of South India, offering insights into how race, resources, and modernity shaped the region during that time. This book provides a comprehensive understanding of the social and environmental aspects of India's history, particularly in relation to the colonial era and its impact on the nation's development. With a focus on the 19th century, this book portrays the complex dynamics between human society, the natural world, and the forces of colonization.

    Key Subjects

    "Civilizing Natures" covers a wide range of subjects, making it a valuable resource for those interested in environmental science, world history, and the history of colonial South India. The book delves into the social aspects of history, offering insights into the broader implications of colonialism and modernization. It also provides a deep understanding of India's history and its impact on the country's development. Whether you are interested in the history of South India or the larger colonial studies, this book offers a unique perspective on the subject.

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    "Civilizing Natures" by Kavita Philip is a valuable resource for those interested in understanding the complex dynamics of race, resources, and modernity in colonial South India. With its comprehensive exploration of social aspects, environmental science, and historical context, this book provides a unique perspective on the intertwined relationship between humans and their natural surroundings. Available in paperback format and various digital formats, readers have the option to choose the most suitable medium for accessing this intriguing book.