The First Copernican

Georg Joachim Rheticus and the Rise of the Copernican Revolution by Dennis Danielson

Published by Walker & Company .
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    ISBN 100802715303
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    The First Copernican by Dennis Danielson: Georg Joachim Rheticus and the Rise of the Copernican Revolution

    The First Copernican, written by Dennis Danielson, is a captivating book that explores the life and contributions of Georg Joachim Rheticus to the Copernican Revolution. Published on October 31, 2006, this book sheds light on the history of science, cosmology, and the revolutionary ideas of Nicolaus Copernicus. In this article, we will delve into the details of this book and how it can be obtained.

    About The First Copernican

    The First Copernican is a biography that takes readers on a journey through the life and work of Georg Joachim Rheticus. As a mathematician and astronomer from Germany, Rheticus played a crucial role in introducing Copernicus's revolutionary heliocentric theory to the world.

    Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, Dennis Danielson brings Rheticus's story to life, exploring his relationships with fellow scientists, his efforts to publish Copernicus's landmark work, and the impact of the Copernican Revolution on scientific thinking.

    Topics Covered

    • Cosmology (Astronomy)
    • History Of Science
    • Science
    • Biography / Autobiography
    • Science/Mathematics
    • History
    • History & Philosophy
    • Scientists - General
    • Science / History
    • Astronomy
    • Biography
    • Germany
    • Mathematicians

    With such a wide range of topics covered, The First Copernican appeals to those interested in the history of science, astronomy, biography, and the intersection of science and philosophy.

    Physical Format: Hardcover

    The First Copernican is available in a hardcover format, ensuring its durability and longevity. This physical version of the book can be a great addition to any personal library, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in Rheticus's fascinating story and the Copernican Revolution.

    How to Obtain The First Copernican?

    If you are interested in reading The First Copernican by Dennis Danielson, there are various ways to obtain a copy. Here are a few options:

    1. Visit your local bookstore: Check if your local bookstore has a copy of The First Copernican in stock. If not, they may be able to order it for you.
    2. Online book retailers: Websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others offer The First Copernican for sale. Simply search for the book using its title or ISBN number.
    3. Online libraries: Many online libraries offer digital copies of books that can be downloaded or borrowed. Check if The First Copernican is available on platforms like Project Gutenberg, Open Library, or your local library's digital collection.

    ISBN and Formats

    The ISBN code for The First Copernican is 0802715303. This unique identifier makes it easier to search for the book online or in bookstores.

    The First Copernican is available in multiple formats, catering to different reading preferences. Here are some common formats:

    • PDF: The PDF version is ideal for those who prefer reading on a computer or tablet.
    • ePub: The ePub format is compatible with most e-readers, making it a convenient choice for digital book lovers.
    • Mobi: The Mobi format is specifically designed for Amazon Kindle devices and apps.
    • TXT: The TXT version offers a simple, text-only reading experience.

    Whether you prefer to download a digital copy or read The First Copernican in physical form, there is an option available for you.


    The First Copernican by Dennis Danielson is a must-read for anyone fascinated by the history of science, astronomy, and the groundbreaking ideas of Nicolaus Copernicus. Through the lens of Georg Joachim Rheticus's life, this book provides valuable insights into the Copernican Revolution and its profound impact on our understanding of the universe. Whether you choose to download a digital version or read the hardcover edition, The First Copernican is sure to captivate and inspire.