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Stroke by Bath

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    Controlled Clinical Trials Reports by Albers

    If you are looking for authoritative information on stroke and clinical trials in the field of neurology, then the book "Controlled Clinical Trials Reports by Albers" is a must-read. Published in January 2002, this book provides valuable insights into stroke treatment options and the discoveries made through controlled clinical trials.

    Subtitle: Stroke

    The subtitle of this book, "Stroke," highlights its focus on this specific medical condition. With expertise in neurology and clinical neurophysiology, Albers presents a comprehensive overview of stroke, covering various aspects of cerebrovascular disease.

    ISBN10 Codes: 1858739268

    The ISBN10 code for "Controlled Clinical Trials Reports by Albers" is 1858739268. This unique identifier allows easy access to the book through online retailers, libraries, and other platforms.

    Subjects: Neurology & Clinical Neurophysiology

    As a valuable resource for medical professionals and researchers in the field of neurology, "Controlled Clinical Trials Reports by Albers" delves into the subjects of neurology and clinical neurophysiology. By exploring these subjects, readers gain a deeper understanding of stroke and its impact on the nervous system.

    Physical Format: Paperback

    The physical format of "Controlled Clinical Trials Reports by Albers" is in paperback. A paperback edition offers convenience and portability, making it easy for readers to reference and carry around.

    Key Topics Covered

    "Controlled Clinical Trials Reports by Albers" covers a range of key topics related to neurology, stroke, and clinical trials. Some of these topics include:

    • Overview of stroke and its causes
    • Diagnostic procedures for identifying stroke
    • Treatment options for stroke patients
    • Exploration of clinical trials and their impact on stroke treatment
    • Recent advancements and emerging therapies in the field

    The book presents this information in a concise and accessible manner, making it suitable for both medical professionals and individuals interested in learning more about stroke and its treatment options.

    Download "Controlled Clinical Trials Reports by Albers"

    If you are eager to delve into the wealth of knowledge offered by "Controlled Clinical Trials Reports by Albers," there are several options available to access the book:

    1. Download the PDF version: Reading the book in PDF format allows for easy navigation and convenient offline access. Simply download the PDF file from a reliable source to start exploring the contents.
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    Regardless of the format you choose, "Controlled Clinical Trials Reports by Albers" provides invaluable insights into stroke treatment and clinical trials. Download, read, and enhance your knowledge of this critical subject matter today!