Jains in the World

Religious Values and Ideology in India by John E. Cort

Published by Oxford University Press, USA .
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About the Book

The book "Jains in the World" by John E. Cort, published on February 23, 2001, explores the religious values and ideology of Jainism in India. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the Jain community and its practices.

Overview of the Content

With its focus on religious values and ideology in India, "Jains in the World" examines the beliefs and practices of Jainism. By studying various aspects of the Jain community, the book offers insights into their religious rituals, social structure, and cultural customs. The author, John E. Cort, provides a detailed analysis of the religious world of Jains, highlighting their role in shaping Indian society.

Key Themes Explored

The book covers a wide range of themes related to Jainism. Some prominent topics include:

  • The philosophy and teachings of Jainism
  • Religious rituals and practices
  • Social and cultural aspects of Jain community
  • The role of Jains in Indian society
  • Interactions with other religious communities

Impact and Relevance

"Jains in the World" has been widely acclaimed for its scholarly research and in-depth analysis. The book offers valuable insights into the world of Jainism, making it an essential read for anyone interested in understanding the religious values and ideology of this ancient Indian tradition. Scholars, researchers, and students studying religion and Indian culture find this book to be a valuable resource.

ISBN and Availability

The ISBN10 code for "Jains in the World" by John E. Cort is 0195132343.

The book is available in various formats, including PDF, ePUB, MOBI, and TXT. It can be downloaded for free or read online. Those interested can easily access the book through online platforms or purchase a physical copy from bookstores or online retailers.

In Conclusion

"Jains in the World" by John E. Cort provides a comprehensive exploration of Jainism's religious values and ideology in India. With its rich content and insightful analysis, this book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Jainism and its significance in Indian society.