The United Nations

Confronting the Challenges of a Global Society by Jean E. Krasno

Published by Lynne Rienner Publishers .
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    About the Book: The United Nations by Jean E. Krasno

    The book "The United Nations" by Jean E. Krasno, published on May 30, 2004, is a comprehensive guide that delves into the challenges faced by the United Nations in a rapidly globalizing society. With a subtitle of "Confronting the Challenges of a Global Society," this book offers valuable insights into the workings of the UN, its agencies, and their impact on international politics and law.

    ISBN and Format

    The ISBN-10 code for "The United Nations" by Jean E. Krasno is 1588262553. It is available in the physical format of Hardcover, which ensures durability and longevity for those who prefer a tangible copy of the book.

    Subjects Covered

    This book covers a wide range of subjects related to the United Nations and UN agencies. It falls within the realm of Political Science and Legal Reference / Law Profession. Moreover, it explores the intricacies of Politics/International Relations, International affairs, and Globalization. Whether you are a student, professional, or simply interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the UN, this book is a valuable resource to have.

    Content Highlights

    The "The United Nations" offers in-depth analysis and insights on various aspects of the organization. Here are some content highlights:

    1. History and Structure of the United Nations

    The book provides a detailed account of the formation of the United Nations, its historical milestones, and the structure that governs its functioning. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the UN's origin and the evolution of its decision-making bodies.

    2. Role of the United Nations in Addressing Global Challenges

    Explore how the United Nations tackles the pressing global challenges of our time, such as climate change, poverty, conflict resolution, and human rights. Understand the significant role played by the UN agencies in fostering peace, development, and international cooperation.

    3. Legal Aspects of the United Nations

    Learn about the legal framework that underpins the United Nations and its agencies. The book covers international law, legal instruments, treaties, and the role of the International Court of Justice in resolving disputes. It also explores the relationship between states and international law.

    4. Impact of the United Nations on International Relations

    Discover how the United Nations shapes the dynamics of international relations. Gain insights into diplomatic negotiations, multilateralism, and the UN's role in promoting dialogue and cooperation among nations. Analyze its impact on regional organizations and global governance.

    Why Read "The United Nations" by Jean E. Krasno?

    "The United Nations" by Jean E. Krasno is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of the UN and its agencies. Whether you are a student of political science, international relations, or law, this book provides insightful perspectives and analysis. Professionals working in international organizations, NGOs, or government institutions can also benefit greatly from the knowledge offered within this book.

    Readers interested in global affairs, international cooperation, and the challenges faced by a rapidly changing world can expand their horizons through the pages of this book. By shedding light on the United Nations and its role in shaping the global society, "The United Nations" provides a rich and informative reading experience.

    Where to Download "The United Nations" by Jean E. Krasno

    If you are looking to download "The United Nations" by Jean E. Krasno, you can find it in various digital formats including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and TXT. To download this book for free, you can explore reputable eBook platforms or online libraries that offer access to legal book downloads.

    Where to Read "The United Nations" by Jean E. Krasno Online

    If you prefer reading books online, "The United Nations" by Jean E. Krasno can also be found on websites that provide digital library services. These platforms allow users to access and read books without the need for downloads or installations.

    If you are interested in reading "The United Nations" online for free, you can explore online libraries or platforms that offer free access to a wide range of digital books.


    "The United Nations" by Jean E. Krasno is a must-read for anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of the UN and its role in addressing the challenges of a global society. With its comprehensive coverage of the history, structure, legal aspects, and impact of the United Nations, this book offers valuable insights for students, professionals, and individuals interested in international affairs and global governance.

    Whether you choose to download the book in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, or TXT format, or read it online, the knowledge contained within its pages will broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of the United Nations and its vital role in shaping our world.