Within the Dragon, Part II

The Alliance by Erick Anton

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    ISBN 100759628149
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    Within the Dragon, Part II by Erick Anton: The Alliance

    Within the Dragon, Part II by Erick Anton is a mesmerizing historical fiction novel set in China. Published on March 1, 2001, this captivating book takes readers on a thrilling journey through ancient China, filled with intrigue, adventure, and a gripping narrative that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

    The Alliance

    The Alliance, the subtitle of this book, sets the stage for the epic tale that unfolds within its pages. Erick Anton expertly weaves together a story of unlikely alliances, political turmoil, and personal sacrifice, creating a vivid portrayal of a fictional historical era.

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    The ISBN-10 code for Within the Dragon, Part II by Erick Anton is 0759628149. This code is useful when searching for this book online or referencing it in any other media. Additionally, this book is available in hardcover, ensuring a durable and long-lasting reading experience.


    Within the Dragon, Part II by Erick Anton falls under the subjects of historical fiction, historical - general, China, fiction / historical, fiction, and fiction - historical. These categorizations help readers identify and explore books within their preferred genres and topics of interest.

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    Within the Dragon, Part II by Erick Anton is a must-read for fans of historical fiction and those with an interest in captivating tales set in ancient China. Published on March 1, 2001, this book promises an enthralling reading experience that will transport you to a world of intrigue, adventure, and the complexities of the past. Whether you choose to download the book or read it online for free, be prepared for a captivating journey within the pages of this remarkable novel.